Call Me

Call me further, call me higher
Call me up to heights anew
And though I walk with few in number
This I know– I walk with You

Call me further, call me higher
Though my heart be punctured through
And though in pain and grief I suffer
Turn my eyes to heavenly views

And when at last my breathing falters
And my coming death is due
Call me further, call me higher
Call me up to be with You

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

O Come (A Weekly Post)

“O come, all ye blessed of My Father,”
The King says to those who kindness show.
“My food ye provided when I hungered
I wandered; ye opened up your home.

“Clothing ye placed upon My shoulders
When I was sick, ye came to Me
These deeds that ye did unto My brothers
These things ye did were unto Me.”

Based on Matthew 25: 34-40, corresponds to Deuteronomy 24: 18-22

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

The Battle of Gibeon (A Weekly Post)

Long ago, in Canaan’s land
There came the fear of Israel’s fame
A place did then conspire a plan
And Gibeon was the place’s name

Gibeon sent ambassadors
To save themselves from coming plight
And in deceit, they made an oath
And allied with the Israelites

A nearby king, thus roused with fear
Did summon for his allied kings
To go with him to Gibeon
And also all their armies bring

This host of men to Gibeon went
And thus began an epic fight
So Gibeon sent to Joshua
To tell him of their dreadful plight

“Do not fear, for I have worked
To give these men into your hand,”
Yehovah spoke to Joshua,
“Not one of them before you stands.”

At night did Israel make its trip
To reach the place of Gibeon’s walls
Swiftly Israel brought attack
In numbers great their foes did fall

The armies fled from Israel’s face
‘Til on their heads came heaven’s store
Hailstones large upon them fell
More died from hail than from the sword

Then Joshua began to speak–
Lest sun descend and light be gone–
“Sun, stand still over Gibeon
And moon, over dale of Ayalon.”

The sun stood still, the moon was stayed
‘Til Israel its battle fought
And to this day, we still recount
The victory that Yehovah wrought

Based on Joshua 10 + 11, see Deuteronomy 20: 1-4

Free Verse, Poetry, Weekly Post

A Good Land (A Weekly Post)

For Yehovah your Elohim
Is bringing you to a good land
A land of clear water streams
A land of fountains and springs
That flow from the hills and valleys.
It’s a land of wheat and barley
And olive oil and honey
And vines and pomegranates and fig trees
In which you eat bread without scarcity.
In this land you will not lack
For this land does offer
Iron in its rocks and stones–
And in its hills is copper

Based on Deuteronomy 8: 7-9