Free Verse, Poetry, Weekly Post

A Good Land (A Weekly Post)

For Yehovah your Elohim
Is bringing you to a good land
A land of clear water streams
A land of fountains and springs
That flow from the hills and valleys.
It’s a land of wheat and barley
And olive oil and honey
And vines and pomegranates and fig trees
In which you eat bread without scarcity.
In this land you will not lack
For this land does offer
Iron in its rocks and stones–
And in its hills is copper

Based on Deuteronomy 8: 7-9

Poetry, Rhyme

Thirty Pieces

Thirty pieces, meted silver,
Brought the One to Calvary’s knoll
Who came, His chosen to deliver
Paying all our debts in full

Foolish things we oft endeavor
Seeking grace through works and deed
But greater grows the inner tremor
Works have just amassed our need

The works of man amount to naught
When seeking that which comes through grace
Man the thirty pieces brought
But precious blood our ransom paid

Based on Matthew 26: 15+16

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

The Crossroads (A Weekly Post)

I’m nearing the crossroads where I am to choose
The path I will take and the things I will do
This gift of free will is so often misused
O Master, I want to be guided by You

O marvelous Leader that came in a cloud
And led His possession, His people, around
Between walls of water, across desert sand–
Please guide me beneath Your unfaltering hand

The Israelite footstep was never amiss
For You were their guide, so I ask You for this–
O Leader, Who changed not, and changes not still
I ask that You guide me and show me Your will

See Numbers 33: 1-49

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Arise (Re-posted as a Weekly Post)

Our fathers have told us
The things You have done
Your hand fought their battles
‘Til vict’ry was won

Their sword was found futile
Their hand had no might
Save that Your face shone
Upon them its light

You are my Savior
From foe and from grave
Bows are not trustworthy
Nor does sword save

Arise from Your slumber
From sleeping, awake!
Arise and redeem us
For Your kindness’ sake

See Numbers 31 and Psalm 44

Poetry, Rhyme

Shepherd (A Weekly Post)

Moses knew his time was near
And prayed before he died,
“Let not Your people be without
A shepherd’s hand to guide.”

Yahweh raised up Joshua
To lead them with his hand
But Yahweh had the coming of
Another Shepherd planned

There was a man named Simon
Who knew he would not die
Until he saw the Savior,
The Messiah, with his eyes

When Simon saw Yeshua
And held that Child small
He said, “Now I can die, for I
Have seen the Light of all.”

Based on Numbers 27: 12-23 and Luke 2: 25-32