Song of Moses (A Weekly Post)

Give ear, O heavens, and let me speak
And hear, O earth, the words of my mouth
Let my instruction fall as rain
Like showers on the tender sprouts

For I proclaim Yehovah’s Name
Declare that He alone is great
An El of truth and righteousness
Just and perfect are His ways

Based on Deuteronomy 32:1-4

Poetry, Rhyme

The Next Generation

Encourage the children and pray for the young
That they would surrender to live for Yah’s Son
That always the gospel would pour from their tongue
As all of Yah’s people are gathered as one!

Embolden the little and strengthen the youth!
We have a great Sovereign whose coming is soon
May this generation exclaim, “Praise is due
For we were seen worthy to suffer for You.”

Poetry, Rhyme

One Petition

If one petition I could make
‘Tis not for wealth or fame I ask
You did great things in years gone by
I ask that You complete Your task

O Master, I do not deserve
The least of all Your kindness shown
But if I must request for aught
O Master, bring my brother home

If three petitions I could ask
My mortal tongue would humbly say
“Let those entrapped in darkness’s snare
Be made to see Your perfect way.”

Master, I do not desire
A wealth of silver or of gold
But let the ones who seek Your face
Continue so ’til they are old


Psalm of Deliverance (A Weekly Post)

I love You, Yah, for You have been
My fortress and my strength
I call upon Yehovah and
My soul is surely saved

The cords of death ensnared my soul
The snares of death were nigh
So in distress I called to Yah
And in His ears I cried

From His house He heard my voice
The earth shook from His wrath
He bowed the skies and heavens down
To clear Himself a path

He rode upon a cherub’s wings
And flew upon the wind
He set the dark around Himself
To house Himself therein

He thundered in the skies above
And scattered all the throng
Of those who were my enemies
My adversaries strong

For though they fought against my soul
Yehovah gave me might
And brought me to a spacious place
In me He found delight

You save the people beaten down
But lower those with pride
You Yourself point out my paths
And make my darkness light

Who is strong besides the One
In Whom my strength is found
He makes my feet to be like deer’s
And sets me on a mount

Salvation is my battle shield
His hand provides my strength
His lowliness delivers me
His meekness makes me great

You give to me the victory
My foes are made afraid
They leave behind their fortresses
My voice is soon obeyed

Yehovah lives! And blessed be
The One Who saves my soul
Who sets the wicked under me
My foes beneath my sole

Therefore I give thanks to You
For all that You have done
For kindness that You show to
Generations yet to come

Based on Psalm 18, corresponds to Deuteronomy 31:3-8

Poetry, Rhyme


He who takes his refuge in
Yehovah’s secret place
And dwells within its shadow
Night by night, and day by day

Is not afraid of that which brings
On men an awful fright
Yehovah is his fortress and
Yehovah is his might

Though sickness and disease abound
His life in health will stand
For Yah has numbered all his days
And all his years are planned

Angels stand around this one
To guard his every step
All the dangers in his path
Are crushed beneath his tread

Because he loves Yehovah so
Yehovah saves his life
Because he knows Yehovah’s name
Yah sets his soul on high

Yah is with him in distress
And answers when he cries
And he shall see deliverance
Displayed before his eyes

Based on Psalm 91