Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

The Next Generation (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

Encourage the children and pray for the young
That they would surrender to live for Yah’s Son
That always the gospel would pour from their tongue
As all of Yah’s people are gathered as one!

Embolden the little and strengthen the youth!
We have a great Sovereign whose coming is soon
May this generation exclaim, “Praise is due
For we were seen worthy to suffer for You.”

Corresponds to Genesis 18: 19

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

In Flame and Flood (A Weekly Post)

Though thy path is set in burning flames
Thy Saviour walketh through the same
Though riseth floods with waves and threats
Thy Saviour’s love is greater yet
The storms of life, though harsh and rough
Dost not suppress thy Saviour’s love
He supplieth thee with hope anew
Thy Saviour’s arms dost bear thee through

Corresponds to Genesis 6: 17+18

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Eden (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

I sit beneath a shady tree
And listen to the melody

Of breezes swinging through the leaves
Every hour I yearn and wait
For this–the hour when I perceive
And hear my Maker’s nearing gait


He calls my name; I quickly rise
To follow His unfailing stride

And if I ever went astray
He’d trace my foolish, wayward steps
And bring me back here to His way
Even if it meant His death


Years have passed since Eden’s days
I’ve left Yehovah’s narrow way

Yeshua came to the garden and prayed
Not to Eden, but Gethsemane
His love was stronger than the grave
He died and rose to deliver me


One day His voice will pierce the skies
He’ll call my name, I’ll quickly rise

But as for now, I hold my pen
And write of heaven, and how I’ll hear
The sounds of Eden all again
My Maker’s footsteps drawing near

Corresponds to Genesis 3:8a