Poetry, Rhyme

The Cloud

The cloud stood behind us
When Pharaoh was nigh
And held back his army
From battling our tribes
There stood the pillar
And there stayed the cloud
‘Til Israel had passed through
The sea on dry ground

The cloud covered Sinai
With fire and smoke
And Israel stood trembling
As precepts He spoke
He gave us commandments
Proclaimed from the cloud
So we would trust Moses
Without any doubt

Yah’s presence and glory
Among us was stayed
In the Holy of Holies
In the Tent that we made
In the midst of our nation
Tall stood the cloud
As we, in our places,
Camped all around

The pillar of cloud
Was a fire by night
The cloud brought us shade
And the fire, our light
Whenever we witnessed
The rise of the cloud
We followed until it
Came down to the ground

When Solomon’s Temple
Was finished and built,
With the glory of Yahweh
The Temple was filled
The priests could not work
Because of the cloud
The presence of Yah
Was so fully endowed

That great day is coming
When Yah will create
Above every house
And meeting place
A standing pillar
Of fire and cloud
Around us His glory
Will ever be found

Last verse is based on Isaiah 4: 5


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