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Awesome Truth (A Weekly Post)

I see this universe You made
It leaves me feeling so amazed.
Wherever I look I see Your art
Then faster pumps my beating heart–
My heart– which You have formed; as well
As every molecule and cell.

Then I open Exodus
And read of how You dwelt with us.

The King of all this world grand
Came down to live with mortal man?

This awesome truth amazes me
And fills me with humility.

Corresponds to Exodus 25:8

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Call Me (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

Call me further, call me higher
Call me up to heights anew
And though I walk with few in number
This I know– I walk with You

Call me further, call me higher
Though my heart be punctured through
And though in pain and grief I suffer
Turn my eyes to heavenly views

And when at last my breathing falters
And my coming death is due
Call me further, call me higher
Call me up to be with You

Corresponds to Exodus 24

Poetry, Rhyme

Empty Hands (A Weekly Post)

When I’ve surrendered everything
Succumbed to Your desire
And thrust my idols to be burned
Within a blazing fire

And given all into Your care
I know what’s left to do
For when at last my hands are empty
They can cling to You

Corresponds to Exodus 20:1-6

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Wait (A Weekly Post)

Sometimes we encounter fear
We want to fight, but then we hear
The call to wait and calmly rest
And let Yehovah do the rest

This we know, and this we trust–
Yehovah surely fights for us
And though the  wait is hard and dim
Still blessed are those who wait for Him

Corresponds to Exodus 14:14

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Light (A Weekly Post)

When the world grows dim and dark
Ignite in me a heavenly spark
And fill my soul with passion’s flame
To make me zealous for Your Name
Please give me strength to persevere
Remind me that You’re always near
And though this world grows dark and ill
Oh, may my light be brighter still

Corresponds to Exodus 10:23b

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Outstretched Arm (A Weekly Post)

Down in Egypt, years ago
The Israelites were slaves
And by Yehovah’s outstretched arm
From bondage they were saved

And when Yeshua came to earth
His purpose was fulfilled;
Because He stretched His arms out wide
Yeshua saves us still

Corresponds to Exodus 6:6

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

I Will Be With You (A Weekly Post)

Moses trod the mountainside
Till from a bush Yehovah cried,
“Moses, Moses! I have seen
My people’s bondage and their grief.
I’m saving them from Egypt’s hand
To bring them to a spacious land.
I’ve seen the things their captors do,
So come now, I am sending you.”

Then Moses said to Elohim,
“Who am I to do these things?
These things You say, I cannot do.”

Yehovah said, “I will be with you.”

Based on Exodus 3+4