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Contemplation on Psalm 85

See Psalm 85:11-12

Will we notice the truth as it sprouts from the ground?
Or righteousness, as it from heaven looks down?
We know Yah is good, and He gives us good gifts,
But will we be willing to trust Him in this?
Will we acknowledge the things He has done,
And patiently wait for the harvest to come?

Poetry, Rhyme

Booth of David

Booth of David, fallen down–
Raise up again its downcast brow
Like days of old
Let abundance fill the field
Let hills and mountains give their yield
As You foretold

Based on Amos 9:11-13

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Had I Been

Had I been the mother of
Rebecca, kind and fair,
Would I have been inclined to send
Her off to who-knows-where?

If I had known the tension that
Her family would face,
I surely would have asked that she
Stay longer than ten days.

I’d wish that my will would be done
To spare my child from pain,
But would I have foreseen the cost–
Her life lived out in vain?

See Genesis 24. Inspired by a poem by Ruth Graham Bell.

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Sonnet on the Greatness of Our Creator (A Weekly Post)

What place could endeavor to contain You?
The heavens above are Your royal seat
The earth below is a stool for Your feet
Even galaxies cannot contain You.
Yet You look on one who is humble, who
Is bruised of spirit and lowly and weak
Who trembles at every word You speak.
Oh, what an amazing wonder that You
Would humbly take on flesh and die and rise
To save our souls, salvation to impart.
What a wonder– You Who created time
And carved out the earth and stretched out the skies
Would desire to live in a human heart–
Would desire to live in this heart of mine.

Corresponds to Exodus 35:21 and Isaiah 66:1+2