Poetry, Rhyme

Yah’s Love

I want for love to fill my heart
And overflow its brim
And flow through every artery
To every cell within

I want for love to fill my feet
That everywhere I go
I’ll take with me a good report
Of mercy You have shown

I want for love to fill my soul
That all the world would see
The miracles that love can do–
The change You’ve done in me

Poetry, Rhyme

He Promised

I have not been promised a lifetime of ease
But if I have pain, He’ll accompany me
And if I have trials, He’s a lamp to my feet
And if I have heartbreak, He’ll give me His peace.
I know that He’ll be what He promised to be.

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Sonnet on the Greatness of Our Creator (A Weekly Post)

What place could endeavor to contain You?
The heavens above are Your royal seat
The earth below is a stool for Your feet
Even galaxies cannot contain You.
Yet You look on one who is humble, who
Is bruised of spirit and lowly and weak
Who trembles at every word You speak.
Oh, what an amazing wonder that You
Would humbly take on flesh and die and rise
To save our souls, salvation to impart.
What a wonder– You Who created time
And carved out the earth and stretched out the skies
Would desire to live in a human heart–
Would desire to live in this heart of mine.

Corresponds to Exodus 35:21 and Isaiah 66:1+2

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Dreams (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

Did Sarah ever dream
Of having
A son at age ninety?

Did Jacob ever dream
Of seeing
His son Joseph’s offspring?

Did Moses ever dream
Of being
The man of Elohim?

Did David ever dream
Of rising
Up to be a king?

Did Mary ever dream
Of mothering
The Son of Elohim?

Could I ever dream
Of the things
Yah has planned for me?

Corresponds to Genesis 48:11 and 1 Corinthians 2:9

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

In Flame and Flood (A Weekly Post)

Though thy path is set in burning flames
Thy Saviour walketh through the same
Though riseth floods with waves and threats
Thy Saviour’s love is greater yet
The storms of life, though harsh and rough
Dost not suppress thy Saviour’s love
He supplieth thee with hope anew
Thy Saviour’s arms dost bear thee through

Corresponds to Genesis 6: 17+18