Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Dreams (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

Did Sarah ever dream
Of having
A son at age ninety?

Did Jacob ever dream
Of seeing
His son Joseph’s offspring?

Did Moses ever dream
Of being
The man of Elohim?

Did David ever dream
Of rising
Up to be a king?

Did Mary ever dream
Of mothering
The Son of Elohim?

Could I ever dream
Of the things
Yah has planned for me?

Corresponds to Genesis 48:11 and 1 Corinthians 2:9

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

In Flame and Flood (A Weekly Post)

Though thy path is set in burning flames
Thy Saviour walketh through the same
Though riseth floods with waves and threats
Thy Saviour’s love is greater yet
The storms of life, though harsh and rough
Dost not suppress thy Saviour’s love
He supplieth thee with hope anew
Thy Saviour’s arms dost bear thee through

Corresponds to Genesis 6: 17+18

Poetry, Rhyme

One Petition

If one petition I could make
‘Tis not for wealth or fame I ask
You did great things in years gone by
I ask that You complete Your task

O Master, I do not deserve
The least of all Your kindness shown
But if I must request for aught
O Master, bring my brother home

If three petitions I could ask
My mortal tongue would humbly say
“Let those entrapped in darkness’s snare
Be made to see Your perfect way.”

Master, I do not desire
A wealth of silver or of gold
But let the ones who seek Your face
Continue so ’til they are old