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Call Me (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

Call me further, call me higher
Call me up to heights anew
And though I walk with few in number
This I know– I walk with You

Call me further, call me higher
Though my heart be punctured through
And though in pain and grief I suffer
Turn my eyes to heavenly views

And when at last my breathing falters
And my coming death is due
Call me further, call me higher
Call me up to be with You

Corresponds to Exodus 24

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

The Next Generation (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

Encourage the children and pray for the young
That they would surrender to live for Yah’s Son
That always the gospel would pour from their tongue
As all of Yah’s people are gathered as one!

Embolden the little and strengthen the youth!
We have a great Sovereign whose coming is soon
May this generation exclaim, “Praise is due
For we were seen worthy to suffer for You.”

Corresponds to Genesis 18: 19