ABCB, Poetry, Rhyme

Had I Been

Had I been the mother of
Rebecca, kind and fair,
Would I have been inclined to send
Her off to who-knows-where?

If I had known the tension that
Her family would face,
I surely would have asked that she
Stay longer than ten days.

I’d wish that my will would be done
To spare my child from pain,
But would I have foreseen the cost–
Her life lived out in vain?

See Genesis 24. Inspired by a poem by Ruth Graham Bell.

Poetry, Rhyme

He Promised

I have not been promised a lifetime of ease
But if I have pain, He’ll accompany me
And if I have trials, He’s a lamp to my feet
And if I have heartbreak, He’ll give me His peace.
I know that He’ll be what He promised to be.