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Outstretched Arm (A Weekly Post)

Down in Egypt, years ago
The Israelites were slaves
And by Yehovah’s outstretched arm
From bondage they were saved

And when Yeshua came to earth
His purpose was fulfilled;
Because He stretched His arms out wide
Yeshua saves us still

Corresponds to Exodus 6:6

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Joseph (A Weekly Post)

All my life I’ve heard the tale
Of Joseph being put in jailThen all at once, God took that man
And made him rule o’er Egypt’s land

But though that happened long ago
God’s still the way He was to Joe
He’s never changed, He is the same
He still can save our souls today

Corresponds to Genesis 41


Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

Seeds (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

The seeds that land
On the trodden way
Need soil to shelter
From birds that prey.

The seeds that fall
In a rocky place
Need moisture to deepen
Their roots, their faith.

The seeds that land
By thorns that choke
Need fire to clear
Their space for growth.

Of seeds that fall
On fruitful ground
Abundant bounty
Will be found.

Based on Luke 8:4-15, corresponds to Genesis 26: 12

Poetry, Rhyme, Weekly Post

The Next Generation (Re-posted As a Weekly Post)

Encourage the children and pray for the young
That they would surrender to live for Yah’s Son
That always the gospel would pour from their tongue
As all of Yah’s people are gathered as one!

Embolden the little and strengthen the youth!
We have a great Sovereign whose coming is soon
May this generation exclaim, “Praise is due
For we were seen worthy to suffer for You.”

Corresponds to Genesis 18: 19